5 Reasons to Hire an Eco-Friendly Linen Service

More people than ever are concerned with how they impact the environment, especially in the realm of business management. Business owners want to make sure the companies they do business with are responsible with natural resources so that the environment isn’t damaged, the air is still breathable, and water can still be consumed. Here are five benefits of hiring an eco-friendly linen service for your business.

No Need for Equipment

Hiring an eco-friendly linen service helps your company save money in several different ways. Since a hotel would need to do several loads of laundry each week to keep clean linens in the guests’ rooms, they would need to spend money on washers, dryers, irons, and other miscellaneous equipment. Depending on the size of your business, the costs could easily add up to several thousand pounds. Business owners want to avoid having to establish a laundry department for these reasons.

Save on Water and Utility Costs

Along with the equipment costs, the hotel in question would use much more electricity and water by doing its own laundry. By hiring a linen service, on the other hand, your company would not only save on its utility and water costs, but it would also help save local water resources. Since a linen service is already using water to launder linens for other companies, their costs are offset by the amount they charge your company. Their additional water usage would be nominal in comparison to what a hotel laundering department would use.

Save on Staff Costs

Keeping up with the laundry in most hotels is a full-time job, so you would need to hire additional staff to keep up with demand. This would mean spending money to advertise open positions, to train new staff, and to continue paying them as well. By using a Kent linen hire service, your hotel stands to save thousands of pounds per year on additional staffing costs.


Build Brand Reputation

People are appreciative of companies that are mindful about how they use their resources, which means that hiring an eco-friendly linen service could help boost your company’s reputation. It demonstrates concern for the environment, which could lead many environmentally conscious travellers to make reservations at your hotel when they are in the area on business or for holiday. Hiring an eco-friendly service also shows concern for others and their future.

Reduces Allergic Reactions

Since most eco-friendly detergents do not use dyes, fragrances, or other toxic chemicals, fewer people are affected by allergic reactions. The guests’ skin won’t become irritated due to chemicals used in laundry detergents or softeners, so they won’t feel itchy, dry, or uncomfortable. In addition, people with nasal allergies will not be affected either, because fragrances won’t be used in detergents to clean sheets, towels, or other hotel linens with which they come into contact.

If you operate a hotel, there needs to be clean linens on hand 24/7, especially if rooms are cleaned each day. The expense of having an onsite laundry department can be avoided by hiring an eco-friendly linen service to supply the hotel’s linen needs. Not only will your company save money, but it can also gain a good reputation for caring about the environment.