Losing a phone is pretty easy. You can leave it on the bus, the movies, and sometimes you might even forget where you have placed it, and if it is a smartphone then woe to you! In some cases your phone might be too cool, resulting in the theft of your mobile phone.

Phone thefts and losses are rising on an exponential scale and cause great concern because of the multiple passwords, photos, and data your phone has stored in it, including your social life and financial status. So it is important that you prevent the loss of your phone by all means.

Given below are some useful steps that can be used to protect your phone from losses and thefts.

  • Step 1: Always keep your phone locked and secure

It is advisable to keep your phone locked at all times. You might not think that it could be stolen, but it should always be kept safe since nowadays online banking, and shopping at online shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart, TataCLiQ, and others all have your account information.

The best way to keep your phone locked is by using either a difficult password using combinations of letters and numbers alike. Also, some phones have a touch app where only on scanning your fingerprint the mobile would unlock. This is considered to be the most secure way to lock your phone.

  • Step 2: Keep a note of your phone’s ID number

Each and every phone comes with a unique IMEI number. This 15 digit number is very useful in finding your phone as it is combined with the circuit and it is very difficult to alter. Some of the ways you can find this number are either by going to the phone’s settings or by dialing *#06#. Sometimes it can also be found printed below the battery of your mobile phone.

A MEID number is usually seen in non-GSM carriers and can also be found using the same method as that of the IMEI number.

  • Step 3: Attaching a note

Sometimes, you cannot say that some people would even return the misplaced phone. But for security reasons, you will need to give out some of your information like your email id or a secondary contact number. By attaching this to the back of your phone or sticking a piece of masking tape, the above can be performed.

  • Step 4: Backing up of Information

Even before your phone can be misplaced, it is best to back up all your photos and personal information onto the site depending on your phone’s brand, i.e., iCloud, Google+, etc. This backed up information can be used again when you start using another phone.

  • Step 5: Using an App designed to locate your phone

Many applications are available that can be used to track your phone, for example, the find my phone app. usually I feel these apps don’t have a great success story because it depends on your alertness and quick thinking to use the app. In some instances, you wouldn’t even realize that your phone is lost. But it is better to be safe than sorry.