Basic Guide to Movavi Photo Editor

You can make your photo look better by using a photo editing tool to edit away the blemishes. You have often seen advertisement about advanced photo editing software that advertise themselves as the best tools for editing a photo. However, as a beginner, you probably don’t know how to use the advanced photo editor for photo editor so it is no use to buy it. You just have to invest in a basic photo editor like Movavi Photo Editor if you just want to remove some blemishes from the photo or make minor edits on the photo.

The picture editor offers a full set of coloration adjustment tools that can allows you to manually adjust the color tones in the photo according to your needs. It also offer an auto enhancement feature called Magic Enhance that can fix the color tone of the photo with an automatic color adjustment. In the Effects tab, you can apply different effects filter on the photo. On the right side, you will be able to preview how each effect filter affect your photo in thumbnails. There is a long list of effects filter so you have to scroll down to see for yourself. If you want to apply an effect filter, you simply click on it and choose the Save as button to save it.

The Retouching tab offers a few tools for retouching a face. Most of the tools in the Retouching tab is for applying makeup like blushing tool and lipstick tools. The blemish remover tool can effectively remove various types of skin blemishes so that you have a clear and perfect skin. If you are having problem with yellow teeth in the photo, the teeth whitening tool will be helpful to you as it can whiten all the yellow parts on your teeth. Before you go to a different tool in the Retouching tab, make sure you press the Apply button otherwise the changes won’t be applied.

The Object Removal tab allows you to remove any object that has appear by mistake in the photo. You must use the red brush tool to color the entire object that you want to remove in red and then press the Start Erasing button to get it removed. If the reconstruction of the area done by the computer is not accurate, you can use the clone stamp tool to make the photo look perfect. The magic wand tool is useful for selecting area with similar colors in an instant. The lasso tool can help you to trace the outline of the unwanted object more accurately.

If you don’t want to use the original background for your photo, you can get the background removed by using the background removal tool. To remove the background, you must use the green brush tool to trace the outline of the main subjects and the red brush tool to trace the outer outlines for the background. The yellow line will appear over the subjects that won’t be deleted after you finished marking the background with the red brush tool. You must go to step 2 to erase the background and add a new background image. The new background image will only appear in the area with the transparent pattern.