Common Queries and Answers Related to Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

Lifting the shrunk concrete slab has become quite easy after the introduction of eco friendly materials like polyurethane foam substance by expert builders. It proved to give far better result compared to traditional way of repairing the cracks on the slab. The cost of filling up the foam proves more reasonable than replacing the concrete slab wholly.

Many property owners facing this kind of issue are a bit confused about multiple facts associated with the using of polyurethane foam in lifting the slab.

Noting few common queries asked by customers to contractors:

  • How much time will be needed to complete the whole repairing process?
    • The time taken to complete the process totally depends upon the amount of damage done. Few cracks and the concrete slab that has recently sunk in will be needing an hour to lift it up.
  • What are the steps involved in the process of using polyurethane to fill the gaps?
    • Small sized holes are drilled on the cracked or shrunk part of the slab. A dual part polyurethane is mechanically injected into the holes to spread them evenly to fill up the crevices and finally the slab is lifted. The whole operation continues till the slab reaches the desired height.

  • Will the slab shrink or crack easily?
    • Using the foam material to lift the concrete slab won’t cause any damage, if it has been rightly installed. Moreover, the material used should be of high quality. For most of experienced contractors use only foam formatted by chemically produced stable polymer, the chances of damages occurring in near future is negligible.
  • What will be the cost of the whole slab lifting up project?
    • The cost mainly depends upon the count of square feet of slab needed to be repaired. Thus, to reduce the cost it will be helpful to contact local professional contractor as soon as you realize the slab is shrinking in or cracks are appearing on the surface.

  • What are the key benefits of applying this kind of slab lifting method?

There are multiple benefits while using polyurethane foam compared to other methods to lift the shrunk slab. The main benefit is that the work is completed in few hours and proves to be cost effective. You don’t have to worry about the issues arising again for few years.

It will be always beneficial to hire the services of skilled contractor having expert knowledge of using polyurethane foam concrete lifting of the cracked or sunk cement slab.