Discover the Uses of Aromatherapy and Pure Essential Oils

Throughout the world, essential oils are the pure essence of plants, valued for their fragrances and used as natural remedies. In ancient times, pure essential oils were very expensive and production methods were highly guarded secrets. Throughout history, perfumes created from essential oils have been valuable luxury goods.

The Properties of Plants

No one knows who first discovered the beneficial properties of plants, but cave paintings in France suggest that plants have been used for health for 20,000 years. It must have taken many centuries of trial and error to discover how to concentrate the essence of a plant. Hundreds or even thousands of pounds of a plant can be needed to produce a single pound of a pure essential oil.

Most essential oils are too strong to be applied directly to the skin unless diluted; many are added to diffusers, bath water, creams, shampoos, cleaners, ointments and an endless array of other products.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

One of the easiest and most beneficial methods of using essential oils for aromatherapy is with an aroma diffuser. Aromatherapy is used as an alternative solution worldwide to improve someone’s mood or health. Studies have not yet scientifically proved the effectiveness of this widely-used natural treatment, but researchers acknowledged that aromatherapy does help people to feel better. Over time, natural health practitioners have discovered which essential oils or combinations work best for particular health issues.

Aromatherapists believe that there is a connection between the body and various aromatic oils, activating the emotional center of the brain. Different essential oils will be tried and researched in order to determine which works best for health issues. In the U.S., aromatherapy is commonly used for relaxation or to relieve anxiety, stress, or tension..

Some of the most popular doTERRA pure essential oils and their uses include:

  • Lavender: Relaxation, head tension and restlessness
  • Tea tree oil: Cleansing properties
  • Eucalyptus: Often combined with spearmint for when you’re not feeling well
  • Thyme: Fatigue, stress and anxiety
  • Lemon: Stress and uplifting your mood

Visit a trusted manufacturer like doTERRA to discover all of their essential oils and products. Whether you choose old favorites or try something new, you’ll discover many uses for pure essential oils.