Natural Ways To Increase HGH Levels In Your Body – Follow A Healthy Diet

The Human Growth Hormone is also called as HGH. It is an integral member of the family of endocrine system. The physiological balances that stay maintained in your body are a result of this system only. If this system stays balanced, then it results in proper body movement and the development of the same.

The endocrine system makes good use of circulatory system. The hormonal changes / chemical messengers also help this system to maintain proper body functions.

The functions that the hormones control are:-

  • Water balance in the body
  • Proper maintenance of the metabolism
  • Maintenance of electrolytes inside the biological system of humans
  • The process of reproduction

HGH Working

The major function of human growth hormone is to be able to control the growth of the tissues of the muscles and the bones. It is an endogenous hormone involved in growth and maintenance of all body parts. HGH, just like any other hormones, is secreted from the pituitary glands, which is the root of origin of these hormones too.

Pituitary gland is often referred to as hypophysis gland. If you try to look at the size of pituitary gland in the body of an average human, then you may be surprised. It is very small but does major functions in the body. One of the functions is to process the working of endocrine glands.

Some more functions of the HGH are mentioned as below:-

  • It promotes the growth of skeletal muscles i.e. long bones
  • It converts the proteins into glucose

Biological lower levels of HGH

Human body is made fine, but at times there may be some deficiency. For instance, there may be some humans who are not able to generate HGH from the pituitary glands. The deficiency of growth hormone may also be referred to as GHD- growth hormone deficiency. Such a deficiency, since growth does not happen, may lead to dwarfism.

The banes of deficiency

The side effects of the lower levels of growth hormones may be as follows:-

  • Increase in body weight
  • The person may become obese as well
  • May make the body weak
  • Persons having such deficiency may lead to cardiac problems

Just like excess of anything is bad, same is the case when it is the other way round. Take proper medical advice from a legal practitioner to prevent any future harm. Stay healthy and live well.