PharmaGABA: A Review

Is Pharma GABA more effective than GABA? Well, when compared to GABA, pharmaGABA is more effective in enhancing mood. It can increase the level of neurotransmitter GABA in central nervous system easily because it can cross blood brain barrier.

Some theories even reported that in very small amount of pharmaGABA can cross BBB. But it yields desired result through increasing GABA levels elsewhere in the body like gut.

There will be changes in the molecules of natural GABA and the synthetic form of GABA molecules. This is one more reason behind their failure. Since there is difference they cannot bind to certain forms of GABA receptors.

So, some form of GABA receptors will be activated where as others will not be activated by synthetic GABA molecules. But majority of GABA receptors are activated by pharmaGABA molecules. Especially the GABA receptors present in the gut are highly activated by these pharmaGABA molecules. This is the reason behind Thorne Research Pharmagaba efficiency.


One of the natural forms of GABA is pharmaGABA. This is created using a type of bacteria called Lactobacillus hilgardii. This bacterium is also famous in the field of food. In Korea it is used to prepare a famous Korean food called kimchi.

This form of GABA is able to cross BBB or blood brain barrier. It is even capable to increase the generation of alpha waves in the brain. Some of the major advantages of increasing these waves include enhanced focus, calmness, and increased mental alertness.

PharmaGABA can decrease the generation of beta brain waves in the brain. These waves can cause nervousness, erratic thoughts and hyperactivity.

A Few Suggestive Reports

One of the studies conducted on pharmaGABA has reported that it has the ability to regulate sleep patterns in an individual. This will result in more energy levels and one will fell more refreshed after waking up. This can be used instead of sleeping pills which induce artificial sleep patterns and can cause disturbance in natural sleep patterns. They also come have side effects like people may have feelings of groggy, unmotivated and tired.

So GABA pills will not give result in most of the cases. In very few cases it is expected to work. But generally It will not reach central nervous system.

But one more thing to remember is too much GABA levels in central nervous system can also cause depression in the nervous system. So in a way preventing GABA supplements from entering into central nervous system is good for brains health. But mean time this causes a negative effect in case of deficiency of GABA.

Even with all these theories, some people have reported that they yielded desired result after taking GABA supplements. This is because even if GABA present in the parts of the body like gut, that is said to cause some effects. There is a chance that it causes some positive effect on mood and that will result in decreased anxiety levels. But there are very less studies which have given scientific proof for this theory.