Planning an Event around Lunch? Check These Tips!

Lunch events require more attention, because you don’t have an entire day for planning. There are many aspects that must be considered in advance, and chief among them is catering. Lunch catering doesn’t always have to be like a BBQ event.

Below are the important things you need to know.

  1. Find the right options. Not all catering companies deal in lunch catering, so you may have to ask around to find services in your area. Since most caterers have their websites, you can find relevant details online too. The idea is to make a shortlist of at least two to three services, so that you can compare the choices accordingly.

  1. Know the options. There are two ways of planning a lunch event. Your caterers can come over in the morning and get the servings ready, or else, you can ask for delivery and serving. For the later, the catering service will come at least an hour before the main event and set up the place, depending on whether you are having “A La Carte” or buffet arrangements.
  2. When you talk to catering services, ask them about their ways of serving. For lunch events, it is best to start with appetizers, which can be circulated between the tables. Before actual lunch is served, you can open the bar counter, as well, so that guests can have a good time before everyone else joins in.
  3. Check with your caterer to know the number of serving tables that will be needed for the event, keeping the headcount in mind. For a large event, you would want to have more serving stations, so that guests don’t have to wait for long. Also, consider including more than one bar service counters, so that there’s no crowding.
  4. Consider the menu. If you are in Texas, you would want to serve some of the signature BBQ items that the state is known for. The idea is to have a spread that includes more options for guests, but without going overboard on the budget. If you want to get a custom menu for a big event, ask for a sampling session, even if that costs more.

Finally, be there to oversee everything. Your catering service will take care of the guests, but personal attention can make a huge difference. Don’t forget to ask for an estimate in advance, so as to compare the options better.