Should You Make Uniforms Mandatory in the Workplace?

One of the biggest problems that most company managers face is determining the dress code for the employees. What can be considered inappropriate, and what’s allowed in the workplace? Only recently, a high-profile case came to light when an employee at one of the world’s largest auditing firms filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that they wanted her to wear heels. The firm eventually came to a settlement with the employee and amended its wardrobe guidelines. The dress code in the workplace speaks volumes about your company’s ethics and principles.

Frontline employees will be expected to arrive to work wearing neat and clean clothes. However, while it may seem like a non-issue, the morale of your employees can be affected by what they have to wear. Not everybody comes from the same background. Whereas one employee might be able to afford tailored clothes and high-end outfits, another might find it difficult to put together a suit in the first place.

Needless to say, this could have a significant impact on employee productivity and can also lead to pointless fights. A number of studies have shown that making a corporate uniform mandatory in the workplace could prove to be a very astute decision. Here are just some of the many reasons why corporate uniforms are such a good choice:

Defined Employee Roles

In certain workplaces, it can be difficult to distinguish between the workers and the frontline employees. Customers might have a hard time figuring out whom to ask for help.  Think about a supermarket bustling with people. It’s easy to identify attendants due to their distinct uniforms. If the employees wear ordinary clothes, it might take a long while for customers to find what they are looking for.



Perhaps the biggest reason why you should make uniforms mandatory is because it maintains equality in the workplace. Other employees won’t feel inferior based on their clothing. Everybody will be wearing the same uniform and will feel equal in the workplace. This promotes healthy competition and also makes employees feel more confident and comfortable in the workplace.


Another benefit of making uniforms mandatory in the workplace is that it helps promote your brand. When designing the uniform, you can have the company’s logo printed on the back or the front of the shirt. Whenever the employee walks out in public wearing the uniform, onlookers will be able to see the company he or she works for.


There are certain industries where uniforms are actually necessary for the safety of the workers. For instance, employees in a factory setting are required to wear protective clothing while working around dangerous tools or machinery. They need full-body gear to prevent any unforeseen injuries. Making uniforms mandatory in the workplace also promotes teamwork and brings your employees closer to each other. It’s a long-term decision so you need to make it after a lot of thought. However, if you decide to go ahead with it, you will start reaping the rewards within only a few months!