The Greatest Attractions of Lisbon

Enlisted among Europe’s most vibrant cosmopolitan capitals, and surrounded by the hills by the mouth of the River Tagus, Lisbon hosts historic monuments, great city life, mouthwatering cuisines and the magnanimous Portuguese culture. Enjoy the ultimate taste of Lisbon just like the locals do with the Explore the world-class museums, historic monuments, vibrant culture here at the Portuguese capital.

Some of the greatest landmarks in Lisbon are mentioned in the following—

Castelo de São Jorge

The St. George’s Castle is one of the most iconic landmarks of Portugal. Located in Alfama on the crowns of the cliffs, the site entices visitors with its archeological extravaganza, attractive museum, enthralling archeological relics of the Iron Age. Per history, in 1147 under the leadership of Afonso Henriques, the Moors won the battle against the Christian invasion. Later on, the winning king built the Aláçova Palace for the monarchs of Portugal until and unless the other royal residences were constructed in the future.


Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

Built in the honor of Portugal’s Age of Discovery – the 16th century Jerónimos monastery is another significant landmark to explore magnanimous architecture and significant culture. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site that was also once honored with the epic voyage of Vasco da Gama’s in India in 1498. The monastery also stand holds the reminiscences of the Hieronymite convent commissioned by King Manuel I in the year 1501. Visiting this monastery will be exploring the glorious history the place has of the past few centuries.

Museu Calouste Gulbenkian

The Museu Calouste Gulbenkian is one of the most significant museums of Europe and a sparkling diamond of Lisbon’s cultural crown. The museum is situated at a beautiful park named Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian in the north of Lisbon. The collectibles here in this museum are from the personal collections of an Armenian Oil Magnet named Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, born in 1869. Later on, the museum was built before his death in 1955 where all the personal collections of this person have been preserved. The museum showcases the passion of the connoisseur that had the collections from the times of the ancient Egyptians to the artworks of the 20th century.


Among the other attractions in Lisbon, you must explore the historic tower of Belem, National Title Museum, the Antique Elevator, Sé Cathedral, Monument to the Discoveries, Arco da Rua Augusta and the other significant museums and landmarks of the Portuguese capital.