The Many Benefits of Choosing Drop Arm Awnings

Awnings were mostly used in commercial buildings and places of business. Even today, local shops and cafes use awnings to provide shade. Apart from looking very good, awnings also serve a functional purpose. They keep out sunlight without having to obstruct visibility. People can easily stare in and out of the windows without having to worry about the sun getting in their eyes. Other types of window coverings such as curtains and shutters don’t offer the same benefit. If you put curtains and blinds on the windows, you will also reduce external visibility. The window serves as an effective marketing tool for businesses. They can hang up posters, and many people often enter the shops just by looking through the windows to see what’s on offer.

However, awnings are now being adapted and used in houses as well. Traditional old-fashioned awnings were only fixed in place. The only way to move the awning was to apply physical effort and turn a lever which moved the shade upward or downward. Many companies also sell drop arm awnings in Melbourne. A drop arm awning is different from the conventional types of awnings.

The awning works by pivoting in a small arc. As you pivot the arc downwards, you can lower the awning. Similarly, if you pivot the arc upwards, you can retract the awning. The arms are designed to hold the awning in place. When it is extended to the fullest, the arms will be furthest from the window. Drop arm awnings have become widely popular in houses throughout Melbourne. Here are some of the reasons why.


One of the biggest reasons why drop arm awnings are used so widely in houses is because they are available in many different styles and sizes. Whether you have big windows, small windows, or custom-sized windows, you can find drop arm awnings that will fit easily on the windows. They can be used on windows that are as wide as 5 metres or even more!

Also, there’s a lot of variety available when it comes to choosing the material. Some of the many fabrics available for drop arm awnings include mesh screens, PVC, canvas, and acrylic. The sheer amount of variety available makes drop arm awnings an excellent choice for use in homes. You can choose from semi-coloured or semi-transparent screens as well.

Easy to Use

You don’t need to worry about a complex mechanism when using a drop arm awning. There’s a very convenient crank handle located on the side that you can use to lower or retract the awning. Modern drop arm awnings now come with mechanised winders that work at the touch of a button. All you need to do is press the button to lower or retract the awning according to your requirements. In fact, you can even get awnings fitted with wind and sun sensors. They will automatically regulate the position of the awning during the course of the day based on the movements of the sun.