The Many Uses for RFID

For clubs, restaurants, parties, and all other types of venues, security is a major concern. You want to be able to control who comes into your establishment and ensure that they are properly vetted. It could be a security issue as well as a financial issue. You wouldn’t want someone coming into your venue who hasn’t paid the proper dues. One way to make sure that only the right people and items are coming in and the right items are leaving is to look into RFID technology.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for “radio frequency identification.” RFID tags and chips send out a signal along a radio frequency. That signal is then picked up and interpreted by the approved scanner or reader that is searching for the proper frequency. If that frequency is detected, it will indicate that the frequency has been located. You may have experienced this same system with the security towers at the doors of stores. They interact with merchandise that is tagged. If the merchandise is transmitting the proper frequency, the towers will activate a siren of some kind. You could use the same technology for your event.

One-Time or Multiple Use?

One of the big questions surrounding custom RFID wristbands is the issue of use. Do you plan to use the wristbands once or more than once? If you plan to use them only once, you should buy the most affordable wristbands which are the one-time use bands. That doesn’t mean you should buy cheap wristbands. You still need to ensure that you buy high-quality wristbands from a quality seller. They just don’t need to be as durable as some others. If you intend to use them over and over, you should buy the multiple-use wristbands. You might not want wristbands at all; there are other options.



RFID stickers have become very popular in some situations. They are great because your customers or clients don’t have to wear them. They can apply the sticker to their phone case, their work briefcase, or any other flat surface. That will grant them access to the proper places at all times without them having to wear the wristband.


RFID cards are also popular. They are popular because you don’t have to wear them, they’re not attached to anything permanent, and you can move them. So, if you had RFID access cards, you could hand them out to the appropriate employees for limited amounts of time. When the time was up or when they resigned, you could reclaim your RFID card. This is the most adaptable form of RFID technology.

Whether you are trying to restrict access to your club or offer your employees access to their place of employment, RFID is a good choice. It doesn’t interact with unwanted frequencies very often and is difficult to falsify. Also, unlike some other kind of identification, proximity to your debit cards or to a magnet won’t necessarily ruin the identification qualities. You should make sure you buy from a quality seller with a history of providing reliable RFID items.