What’s SEO? A Short Introduction

If you use Google (or other internet search engine) to look for a phrase, ever wondered the way the websites within the first search engine results page arrived, when you will find most likely a large number of other competing websites which suit your search phrase? Well, the solution to that real question is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Individuals first couple of websites ought to SEO than their competitors. So, what’s SEO? Simply, it’s a online marketing strategy accustomed to boost the ranking of the website searching engines.

A number of individuals websites (for example Wikipedia, Facebook and Microsoft) reached the very first search engine results page with little the aid of SEO because, their brands are sufficiently famous to obtain them indexed by page one. Another websites depend on SEO to encourage them to the 1st or 2nd search engine results page. You might question why SEO is really important. Well, users rarely exceed the very first couple of google listing pages when looking for a phrase. Just when was the final time you visited the fifteenth search engine results page?

SEO can be achieved in lots of ways. The primary (and efficient) SEO methods would be the following:

1) SEO titles, headers and URL addresses

2) Back-linking

3) Writing SEO content

4) Using multimedia

5) Regular updates

This information will briefly discuss all these SEO techniques. All these techniques is going to be described at length in subsequent articles.

SEO titles, headers and URL addresses

The title of the website differs from its heading. The title is shown on the ‘tab’ of this website as the heading is displayed within the website itself. Whenever you enter searching term (referred to as keyword), the internet search engine attempts to find websites whose title, heading and URL address matches the given keyword. When the title, heading or even the URL address of the website matches your keyword, then this website is offered a greater ranking than the others. For instance, when the keyword you joined is “phoenix”, an internet site getting the URL address: “http://world wide web.phoenix.com” is offered a greater ranking than the usual website getting the URL address: “http://world wide web.mystical_wild birds.com”.


Whenever you go to a website, you can expect to see several hyperlinks linking this website with other websites. These links are classified as back-links. Wikipedia is a great one for back-links. All of the reference websites are listed at the end of the Wikipedia article. These hyperlinks (at the end of the article) have returned-links from the particular reference websites. Back-links improve the ranking of the website. Generally, the greater back-links an internet site has, the greater its ranking.

Writing SEO content

Search engines like google attempt to match the joined keyword using the content of web sites. For instance, in case your keyword is “player”, the internet search engine will look for articles getting the word “player”. However, you will see countless articles getting the word “player” inside them. The internet search engine will rank this content based on the “keyword density” from the articles. Keyword density is calculated by dividing the amount of keywords within the article through the final amount of words after which multiplying the end result by 100.

For instance, if your hundred-worded article has got the keyword “player” repeated two times inside it, the content includes a keyword density of twoPercent. Articles getting a keyword density of .5-2% are usually because of the greatest ranking.

Using multimedia

Everyone prefers graphical websites, when compared with plain-text websites. The various search engines know this and for that reason they provide websites that contains multimedia (graphics, videos and flash applications) a greater ranking than other websites.

Regular updates

Individuals have an unquenchable thirst for brand new information and details. The various search engines address this need by providing those sites that are regularly updated a greater ranking than other websites.

Some think that the people who do not see them daily will trigger their poetry and see what it is that you want to draw attention to your readers. You can also use your links to make it worthwhile to understand what is SEO, there is no limit to what you can do if you start your site success.