3 Reasons to Simplify Your Marketing Strategy


You can read massive books dedicated to intricate marketing strategies rooted in psychological research and advanced science. There are entire blogs and websites dedicated to innovative thought in marketing. If you have time to study those new ideas and test them out on your target market, you’re likely to find that the results aren’t much better than the simple strategies that you probably already know well. You may even find that they produce no improvements to your marketing reach at all.

The problem is that your ideal customers aren’t thinking complex. They definitely don’t want to jump through hoops to buy your product or sign up for your services. Your marketing goals are to simply find members of your target market, appeal to them, answer their questions and remain conveniently available over time.

You can accomplish those goals with the simplest marketing strategies. For instance, a great website with SEO-friendly content and a couple social media accounts is all that most businesses need today. If you aren’t convinced that simple is the way to go, consider the top three arguments for simplified marketing strategies.

  1. No marketing strategy works without consistency.

It doesn’t matter how many gurus, coaches or experts are promoting a complex marketing program. If it’s not simple enough for you to follow consistently, you won’t see results in the long term. The more time you spend studying and trying to set up a strategy, the less time you spend communicating with your market through social media or researching new trends in your industry.

  1. Your future customers want nothing more than to understand what you have to offer.

Paying customers don’t care how much money or time you invest in marketing. They want you to keep it simple so that they can easily understand what your products or services have to offer. The more you focus on communicating clearly and delivering greater value, the less you need to rely on gimmicks and tricks.

  1. Appreciation goes further than gimmicky marketing strategies.

There’s a reason so many businesses take the time to send out custom photo books and greeting cards from leading printing services like Mixbook. This is one of the oldest marketing strategies out there, but it’s fast, convenient and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Custom printed products show your appreciation, and they make even the smallest businesses look professional. Even more important, there’s nothing simpler than sending out holiday cards or customized photo books of a recent event. You can quickly create these personalized products online, and Mixbook offers exceptional customer service if you run into a problem.

It’s time to stop stressing out over marketing. Keep it simple, and your customers will appreciate the effort.

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