3 Things Moving Companies Won’t Tell the Customers


When it comes to planning a stress-free move, seeking assistance from the movers can really make a huge difference. Moving a house is one of the most stressful events one can go through. In fact. It is said that moving can be as stressful as divorce. Though hiring movers make your moving journey as easy as falling off a log, you still need to make sure that you have hired a reliable moving company.

And if your household belongings are expensive and too valuable to you, make sure you are associated with an authentic or a faithful moving company. That being said, no matter how reliable and authentic a company may seem, there are certain things no Toronto movers company or any moving company will tell you. Take a look.


Subcontracting in moving is common, especially on the weekends when moving companies stay busy. Also, if you are relocating in the moving seasons, you might see different faces arriving at your house and getting the move done even on the weekdays. If you don’t have anyone other than the actual movers you just hired, confirm the same prior to dealing with the movers.


There are some movers that never deny a customer for the moving help, which is why they end up overbooking themselves. They do this to ensure their days go full so that they don’t run out of business. While top Toronto movers can handle these overwhelming situations, but when you are under the auspices of small moving companies, you’re not guaranteed a timely move. So if you can’t compromise with the time, make sure you have inquired that your prospective movers are not overbooked.

Don’t Settle For Online Quotes

Getting accurate estimates is one of the most crucial parts of moving. Also, there’s a great difference between online quotes and on-site written estimates. There is also a type of moving company that gives you the estimates rather than visiting your house. It can create great confusion. Therefore we recommended hiring the movers who are willing to provide you with the written estimates by visiting your house.

Preparing Parking For The Moving Trucks

When you know a bunch of vans and trucks are coming your way, you should arrange a parking space already. If you don’t, things may become very time-consuming. Not only is it going to waste your time, your movers’ schedule will also be affected.

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