Benefits of Vinpocetine


Vinpocetine is a semi biosynthetic derivative of vinca alkaloid vincamine present in the lesser periwinkle plant called Vinca Minor. The plant find its origin in the southern and central parts of Europe, and has been largely cultivated in ancient times for its usage in traditional medicines in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Out of the 50 biologically important alkaloids constituting the plant, Vinpocetine has emerged as the most crucial compound exhibiting nootropic property.

Mechanism of action:

The significant cognitive functions of Vinpocetine were first discovered and studied in Hungary, followed by its first synthetic production on a large scale in 1978. But how is this alkaloid derivative working so effectively against stressed mental conditions? The remarkable results are mainly because of its role as an excellent vasodilator that causes relaxation of the constricted walls of blood vessels to promote easy oxygen transportation and nutrient flow to the brain. It regulates the brain functioning by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent that repairs damaged tissues of the brain to enhance better uptake of oxygen by neurons. Thus it is protecting the brain from neurodegenerative conditions by preventing the up-regulation of NF-κB by tumour necrosis factor (TNFα) in the brain cells. Vinpocetine makes glucose readily available in higher amounts, which is the major source of energy that the brain needs to perform work. It regulates the effective stimulation of various neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine that will increase your functional IQ score along with a feeling of mood clarity and relaxation. To prevent the premature death of neurons due to insufficient oxygen supply to brain cells, Vinpocetine blocks Na+ channels that cause decrease in Ca++ ions in the extracellular striated nerve endings.

Key benefits of Vinpocetine:

There are so many sedatives and stress relieving pills that are available in the market, yet we still search for a natural and quicker remedy that can give us the best results in low cost and time. Look no more people as you got Vinpocetine to the rescue that only boosts your memory, but also soothes your hyperactive nerves at times of depression and anxiety. This miracle drug can combat difficult emotional situations and neurological disorders by improving blood circulation in brain and loss of memory due to old age. Adequate supply of oxygen to the brain promotes higher levels of mental alertness and improved processing of executive activities. When clots are formed in blood vessels reaching the brain, the neurons starts degenerating due to lack of oxygen and there are chances of ischemic strokes to hit you. Vinpocetine quickly dissolves clots and prevents strokes or oxygen deficit in neurons promoting neuroplasticity.

There are no severe side effects that have been reported although slight dizziness, stomach pain and nervousness have been experienced by some users. Therefore, proper dose of the drug should be taken on consultation with an expert. If you have not considered taking Vinpocetine earlier, no is the perfect time to go for the challenge. To build your memory strong enough, take Vinpocetine in the right way as it will increase your functional IQ score as well as break your emotional barriers and give you brainpower!

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