Common Questions About Defensive Driving Course Answered!


A defensive driving course teaches techniques, strategies and other things that can help in driving defensively on the road. You will learn about crash prevention techniques, traffic laws, safety equipment and accident statistics related to your state, which will come handy when you are driving. In some states, defensive driving courses are also known as traffic school. Below are some of the common questions along with answers.

Why take up a defensive driving course?

The reasons can be many, but in most cases, people are interested in point reduction from their license. In some states, taking up a defensive driving course may allow insurance premium deduction, often up to 10% or more for a period of three years (in some cases, up to five years). For many people, defensive driving course is a personal choice, given that it teaches the right ways of preventing on-road mistakes.

Is it possible to complete the course online?

Please note that the requirements and norms related to such courses vary by state. For example, if you are in Texas, you can complete the defensive driving course online and get your certificate printed and sent to you within two weeks. In some cases, it may be dependent on the actual violation. If you are taking the course for insurance benefits, please check with the insurance provider first.

What about the cost and course duration?

The course duration is again state dependent. In some states, you need just three to four hours, while others can have longer course durations up to twelve hours. In some states, you may need to complete the course in classroom-type setting in a single session, but online courses are flexible, and you can choose to learn at your own pace. If you are going for an online course, check the prices online, which can vary. Some providers may offer your certificate in a short time for a premium fee, which is a good choice if you are in a rush.

What are the requirements?

First things first, you cannot enroll for such courses with a commercial license. You must have a valid state driver’s license and should not have completed such courses within the window as allowed. In some cases, additional requirements may pertain.

The window for taking up the courses vary by state. For example, in California, you can take up a defensive driving course only once in 18 months, while in New York, the period is three years.

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