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Have you ever thought of going somewhere for the weekend, but it seemed too difficult to plan a trip? Then that’s great that you’ve found us – Explorer Denver Tours because we provide a wide variety of offers. One of the most loved tours around here are Denver walking tours, which are organized considering your experience in hiking, preferences, and free time – the smallest tour takes only 4 hours, but if you like it (and we can guarantee that you will!) you can always stay for more. Explore Colorado during an interesting tour with picturesque views all around you – and we promise that you won’t regret it.

What does the tour offer?

There is a list of tours, that you can pick from depending on the attractions you want to see. You don’t have to limit yourself and pick only one – some of them can be combined into one day, or you can spend the whole weekend getting to know the scenery of Denver.

The golden example of the said tour is the Rocky Mountain National Park, famous for its beauty. It contains a spectacular range of mountain outlooks that you can enjoy while hiking. A professional instructor will guide you, so you won’t need to worry about your safety or even looking at the map. These rules apply to all the tours, creating the best climate for you to relax and spend your time in Denver in the best way possible.

The best offer you can get

Explorer Denver Tours assures safety and satisfaction to all its customers. The trips are meticulously planned, the timing precise, guides experienced and the views simply breathtaking. Walking or hiking itself benefits greatly to your one’s health – just imagine the wave of fresh air after the city’s messy environment, not to mention a superb physical activity combined with beautiful views.

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