How to bet on football online – tips and strategies for bettors!


The main focus for bettors is on the number one sport – football. Bookmakers include more than 200 markets in their spreads, not only for Champions League national team matches, but also for amateur tournaments.

We will learn what you need to do to earn a steady profit from football betting, what methods professional bookmakers use and what you should avoid.

Choosing a bookmaker for online football betting

An important criterion when choosing a bookmaker is the margin and the number of markets in the spreads. At the moment a good value is considered to be a commission of 3-4% in pre-match and up to 5% in live betting. Anything below that can be considered excellent for long term betting.

It is a good idea to determine the commission for different marquees within the same spread. It may happen that a company earns one percent on outcomes and a completely different one percent on handicaps and totals. Therefore, the concept of “average margin” in some cases is very relative.

You can also read bookmaker reviews, such as the detailed review of Mostbet –

It is profitable to play when there is a wide range of offers. Among the main bets we would like to highlight the following:

  • Odds (loss, draw);
  • Totals (number of goals);
  • Handicaps (markets with the advantage in goals);
  • Betting on events in halves and other periods of matches;
  • Combination bets (combination of 2 bets: total + outcome; handicap + outcome, etc.

It is enough to go through these positions in the spreadsheet to see how profitable or not the bookmaker’s offers are. To determine the margin bettors use a special calculator. Many bookmakers include event filters in their spreadsheets. They make it easy to find the right margins.

The same principle is used for selecting an office for live football betting. Another option to consider is one-click betting.  The player initially prescribes the amount for the subsequent deals, and he can make them with a single click on the odds.

The most important indicator of a bookmaker’s trustworthiness is the attitude towards successful customers. Before registering, bettors learn about the practice of slashing limits. If the company is not seen to be engaged in such practices, then it is safe to cooperate with it. Otherwise, there may be trouble when it is not possible to deposit a large sum in play or before the start of the match. Again, it is better to trust an honest bookmaker rather than take a risk.

Effective strategies for betting on football

Betting on football can be a profitable investment if done correctly.  Strategies can help. Everyone can find working methods on our site, including for live betting. All strategies have been tested many times over a distance and have been found to be profitable over a long distance.

Experienced bettors skillfully combine financial strategies with sports strategies to get good profit. Among financial strategies we shall first of all name Kelly criteria, Miller Management, Oscar Grinde, Dalembert system and in some cases – overtaking.

Working football strategies for in-play betting are:

  • Goal in the first half;
  • Against a goal in the second half;
  • Victory for the favourite after a conceded goal.

Of the pre-match methodologies, the most profitable are:

  • Exact score;
  • Against a draw;
  • Against a goal in the first half.

With the help of our articles, you will learn how to make steady profits.

Important Nuances

Before you start betting on football, you should select the championships and teams which suit the chosen betting strategy. Having a clear algorithm for finding matches, the bettor will have a good opportunity to constantly find profitable markets and beat the bookmaker at a distance.

A disciplined approach to winning and losing streaks should be taken and one should not deviate from the chosen strategy. A relaxed attitude towards winning and losing trains the bettor’s stamina, preventing him from slipping into a steep decline and quickly bringing his bankroll down to zero.In football betting, pauses should be taken in time to restore the inner resources of the nervous system. Strong players know when to stop and when it is better to add more.

In football the motivation of teams is often decisive for the final result. It is the tournament position and the team’s objectives that determine how much they will give into the game and fight for the result. This parameter, as well as the density of the calendar and the priorities of the tournaments, should be taken into account when betting.

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