How to buy Anadrol?


Anadrol is a prescription drug. It can be obtained from medical shops only with a doctor’s prescription. It is available online from many sources. While buying online one must be careful to buy it only from reliable sources. There are chances of adulteration in medicines bought online. Be aware and check authenticity of sites and also the reviews posted by other users. It is always better to order in bulk since it saves money and also delivery time. Before all that, try and find out the authenticity of the medicine provided. If you know a trusted person who has bought from a specific site and has gained impressive results, then buy from the same site. Be sure to recommend it to your friends who may need it too. As mentioned above, dosage of Anadrol must be carefully monitored and over dosing must not be done. Buy Anadrol online here!

Over use and side effects

Peliosis Hepatitis is one of the life threatening conditions that can arise from the overuse of Anadrol. This affects the liver by turning all the liver and spleen cells into blood cysts. In some cases, it does not cause grave problems whereas in others it leads to liver failure and abdominal hemorrhage. Once the medication is stopped, the lesions completely disappear. Liver tumours have been reported in a few cases. Also chances of atherosclerosis de to continued consumption of the medicine are also being researched. In young boys, this medicine must be immediately stopped if there is increase in the frequency of erection and enlargement of the penis. In adult men, side effects to look out are prolonged erection lasting over 4 hours, hair loss, trouble sleeping, urinary problems, enlargement of testicles or tenderness or swelling of breasts. Women must discontinue the use of this anabolic steroid if they start experiencing any of these symptoms. Such as deepening of voice, clitoral enlargement, increase in facial hair, appearance or increased acne are all side effects to watch out for. Certain other medications interact with Anadrol hence it is important to check and know about drug interactions of Anadrol before taking it. Warfarin is one drug which interacts with Anadrol. These two must never be taken together. Also patients should check and report any kind of allergy they have before starting Anadrol.

Other important information

This medicine should never be taken if you have a history of breast cancer, prostate cancer breast cancer with high calcium levels, severe kidney or liver disease.

Patients who have suffered from heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, swelling in limbs should report this first to the doctor before starting medications.

In diabetic patients, it is important to keenly observe blood sugar levels regularly. Since oxymetholone may increase blood sugar levels.

This medicine should not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding since it could have adverse affects on the baby.

In children, it may cause development issues. Stunted growth and arrested sexual development may occur in the case of children. The drug must be taken only under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

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