Know More about Oxandrolone Beneficial Features from Well Known Bodybuilders


Oxandrolone is a synthetically prepared anabolic steroid basically utilized to develop muscle tissues. It was developed in 1960s under the brand name Anavar. It was basically prescribed for patients, who had to improve their body weight and for patients suffering from osteoporosis.

In later years, it was sold under the name of Oxandrin and other brand names, however till present day the compound Oxandrolone is greatly popular as Anavar.

What are the beneficial traits of Oxandrolone?

  • It has proven to be the best aid in gaining weight in few weeks of consuming it. Patients suffering from acute diseases, enduring the symptoms of HIV AIDs or have undergone the treatment for curing cancer diseases.
  • It helps in increasing bone density. Thus, aged people are greatly benefited by this drug dosage. People having recently fractured their body parts are able to recover fast by consuming the steroid prescribed dosage.
  • Increases the blood count in your body cells. Best med if you are suffering from anemia.
  • It promotes quick healing of wounds.
  • Aids in promoting lipolysis functions. Hence, if you need to burn undesired fat or cholesterol in the body have the drug in limited dosage.

Know what its users have to say about the steroid:

The steroid is highly marketed as it is stated to be safe for those who are using anabolic drugs for the first time. If you prefer to maintain good physique, then have the dosage in the right proportion as recommended by expert dieticians or by your medical advisor. You can even read the posts and blogs posted by experienced users of anabolic drugs.

It is one of the favorite steroids among women users too as it promotes less estrogenic qualities and doesn’t aid in gaining massive muscle mass. Another great benefit of having the steroid is that it doesn’t affect liver functions as the other steroids are reported to be responsible for malfunctioning of vital organs like liver and kidney. The drug dosage doesn’t support toxic level in the body to rise thus, there is no variation in the smooth functioning of the body.

However, using the steroids for longer time or indulging in inferior quality of the drug will surely lead you to side effects.

The health issues include –

  • Vomiting sensation.
  • Lower sexual drive.
  • Hair loss.
  • Appearance of wrinkles.

To know more about the proper usage of the drug log on to websites promoting the sale of this steroid.

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