Mercedes SUV Buyers Need to Know About Fuel Tank Capacity and Fuel Efficiency


How much gas mileage does an automobile give? This is the huge aspect to consider, while buying an automobile. It does not matter, whether you will use the Mercedes-Benz for cross-town rides or cross-country vacation. The statistic buyers are interested is in the gas mileage figure.

Obviously, small tank means you will not travel far, even if the gas mileage is great, so check the MPG estimates of each specific Mercedes SUV model and trim.

List of 2016 Mercedes-Benz gas tank sizes

Mercedes-Benz SUVs need premium unleaded gasoline. The distance estimates given below are on the basis of highway MPG rating and efficiency trim of every model. Fill cost is $2.84 cents/gallon for gasoline and #3.81 cents for diesel. Average prices to nearest cents are given below.

GLA [2016]

  • Tank size – 13.2 Gallons
  • Distance – 462 miles
  • Fill cost – $37.49
  • One dollar gives 12.32 miles

GLC [2016]

  • Tank size – 17.4 gallons
  • Distance – 487.2 miles
  • Fill cost – $49.42
  • One dollar offers 9.86 miles

GLE [2016]

  • Tank size – 24.6 gallons
  • Distance – 713.4 miles
  • Fill cost – $94.46
  • One dollar offers 7.55 miles

GL-Class [2016]

  • Tank size – 26.4 gallons
  • Distance – 686.4 miles
  • Fill cost – $101.38
  • One dollar offers 6.77 miles

G-Class [2016]

  • Tank size – 25.4 gallons
  • Distance – 355.6 miles
  • Fill cost – $72.14
  • One dollar offers 4.93 miles

Which Mercedes has a big tank?

From the above list, it is clear that GL-Class 2016 has a big tank in SUV lineup. Currently, it is the biggest Mercedes G-class and has low MPG rating.

Which SUV travels more miles with full gas tank?

Mercedes-Benz GLE travels at 713.4 miles with full gas tank. You can make almost halfway cross- country ride without stopping for a tank fill up.

Which is the most fuel-efficient Benz SUV?

Mercedes Benz GLA is fuel efficient. It is cheap to fill the tank and travels more for each dollar you spend. However, its small tank is the only downside. With GLA you spend time at gas stations but simultaneously significant money gets saved.

Please make sure to consider the flashing red light. It is a warning signal that fuel has reached its reserve level and you need to stop at the petrol station for a fill up. Never wait for the tank to dry up or the sediments from fuel that rest down can damage the engine parts.

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