Reasons to Swap 4 Wheels for Two


When you look at the rising cost of keeping the car on the road, it is no surprise that many Australian motorists are turning to motorcycles as their favoured form of transportation. We have great weather in sunny Australia, so why not make the most out of an envied climate?

Here are a few good reasons to take up motorcycling.

  • Lower Cost – Running a motorcycle is very cheap when compared to a car or truck and this is one of the major reasons why single people don’t even think about buying a car. If you would rather spread the payments of a new bike, there is always Yamaha motorcycle finance, which spreads the cost over a few years. The amount of fuel a small urban bike uses is minimal when compared to a saloon car; even a big bike would be very economical.
  • Freedom & Independence – Owning a bike gives you the freedom of the open road; whenever you feel like taking a trip, there’s nothing to stop you packing a bag and setting off. Planning overland trips to remote areas is suddenly attractive when you have a good off-road bike.
  • Adventure – There’s little to match packing your gear onto your bike, ready for an adventure and big bike touring is a very popular way for people to spend their downtime. A sports-touring machine is the ideal bike for camping adventures; a Google search will reveal the whereabouts of a local Yamaha dealership, where you can book a test ride on the bike of your choosing.
  • Raw Power – As a motorcycle is much lighter than a car, it accelerates very quickly, giving quite a rush when you open the throttle and while we do not advocate exceeding any speed limit, it is nice to open the power on a deserted stretch of road. Short bursts of acceleration can be safely executed in the right circumstances, just be careful when engaging the power.
  • Bike Maintenance – This is minor when compared to a car; indeed, most bikers do their own servicing and maintenance, which saves you even more money. Engine oil and filter need to be replaced at specified intervals, while checking brake pads and the liquid coolant. Chain tension is also important (see the owner’s manual for details).

Many Australians have a car or truck and a bike for those sunny days and with warm weather year-round, bike riding saves you money and gives you a thrill.

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