Taking Excellent Care Of Your Injection Moulding Machines


When you invest in your company by adding injection moulding equipment to your production facility, it is an investment that can pay for itself in a short time. However, you will need to ensure that you maintain your machines correctly to ensure they can work to peak capacity. If your company has recently added these to your production facility, below are some tips to help you keep your machinery in perfect working order while giving them the care and attention they require.

Inspect Your Machinery At The Start & End Of Every Shift

You will need to create a routine and have a nominated employee or technician inspect the machine at the start and end of every shirt to ensure that everything is in full working order. The will want to have a checklist of everything that needs checking, and visually inspect the machine using this, keeping a record of the time and date of inspection.

Regular Maintenance

Your injection moulding machines will also require regular maintenance work to keep them in excellent condition. It is often a fight between the production manager and maintenance manager to get the time necessary to perform vital maintenance tasks. You will want to pencil in around five hours per machine every quarter, where your engineers can give a thorough inspection of the machinery and perform the required maintenance tasks. You will also need to source a reliable purging compound supplier to provide the machinery with a thorough clean at the same time. Giving your machinery the care and attention they require, will help keep them running without any significant issues arising.

Keep In Regular Contact With Your Machinery Supplier

Many of the companies that supply injection moulding equipment will provide ongoing services as long as it is still under warranty, and if this has expired, you may still get this service at a small cost. They can provide you with the support and training for your maintenance engineers to ensure they keep everything working well. Grab any opportunity that you can to send your engineers on training courses run by the machine’s manufacturer, which will increase the skills and knowledge of your workers and help prevent costly breakdowns.

When you invest in expensive machinery to automate your production and make things more efficient, regular maintenance is essential to keep it in working order. Ensure that you give your engineers the time and resources they need to keep everything working, or it could end up costing a lot more money if your machinery breaks down and production stops.

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