FAQ on Legal Options for Mesothelioma Cases


Mesothelioma is cancer that comes after exposure to asbestos. It is rare cancer that takes up 0.2 percent of all diagnoses of cancer in the United States. Symptoms do not usually develop for at least a decade after exposure. Exposure occurs often occurs through industry, and patients diagnosed with mesothelioma can seek compensation from industry for costs and suffering associated with cancer.

When considering whether to file a claim, know that law firms like this law firm and others across the United States have the resources to help you file a successful mesothelioma claim and get the justice you deserve. Here are the most frequently asked questions for legal options after a mesothelioma diagnosis.

Do You Need a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

It’s always a good idea to hire a mesothelioma lawyer when you are filing a mesothelioma claim. If cost is the concern, know that most mesothelioma attorneys work on contingency, and get paid when you win your case. A mesothelioma lawyer can help to ensure that you include everything you need in your claim to successfully get the compensation that you deserve.

Whether your claim will be successful will depend on when asbestos exposure occurred, and who is responsible. A personal injury lawyer that specializes in asbestos exposure can help you prove this claim. Many mesothelioma settlements start at $1 million.

Who Do Veterans Sue for Mesothelioma Claims?

There are different challenges for veterans with mesothelioma. The risk of asbestos exposure is common in the military. When you file a mesothelioma claim, you are seeking compensation from the company that provided the product containing asbestos. In the military, it is rare that the United States government caused asbestos exposure. The asbestos exposure usually comes from products supplied to the United States.

When you sue as a veteran for asbestos exposure, the company that supplied the product is who you will be suing. There are other benefits and compensation for mesothelioma patients who are veterans.

What is a Mesothelioma Trust Fund?

When you are looking for information on how to sue in the event of a mesothelioma diagnosis, you may see a lot of discussion on mesothelioma trust funds. These are funds that many companies initiate to protect themselves from bankruptcy in the event of a mesothelioma lawsuit.

Sometimes you are able to file a claim with the asbestos fund directly. Get a free consultation with a lawyer that specializes in these cases to see if this can apply to you.

Is Disability or Workers’ Compensation Available?

You may still qualify for Social Security disability or workers’ compensation. In the case of SSDI, you may qualify for expedited Social Security. Workers’ compensation may also be available to you, however, the laws are different in every state.

Seek Expert Advice

When you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you have a lot of questions. However, you also have a lot of legal options. A mesothelioma lawyer often works on contingency and provides free initial consultations. Book a consultation with a mesothelioma lawyer today and begin the process of getting the compensation you deserve.

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