In What Ways Can We Combat Fake News And Disinformation?


Only some pieces of information or short news on the internet are reliable. Even though the internet is great, at times, it is also used for spreading misleading content and news. Protect your friends and yourself from the trap of falling into false information. Always follow the shared checklist, as it will help you to spot fake details, and hence you won’t be contributing to spreading harmful and fake content.

The impact of fake information – when false video news is forwarded, it can result in taking on a life and serious consequences. It may result in false accusations, health scares, and potentially damaging hoax stories. There has been a lot of false information revolving on the Internet in the past years about coronavirus and the new Vaccines that were invented to protect the population from the virus.

However, it is not always easy to differentiate between the right and the wrong daily news video, audio or written; hence make full use of the shared checklist to ensure that you do not contribute to spreading fake content.

The share checklist –

Before commenting, liking, or sharing any informational or entertainment news from a news app, go through the shared checklist.

  • Source – Only rely on official sources for safety and medical information. Crosscheck the facts about every piece of information on the Internet to ensure you do not promote wrong information about anything or anyone and create a negative impact.
  • Headline – Headlines or video news in short often don’t summarize the full story or the right info. Hence, always read the complete news before you believe any article on a News app or the internet.
  • Analyze – Analyze the facts and news. When something sounds fake or unbelievable, There are chances it very well might be. Independent fact, checking, and correcting false information is the responsibility of every individual to protect the peace and harmony and not spread any fake news which can result in wrong actions by them or others.
  • Retouched- Always watch out for misleading videos like and pictures about certain news information, as numerous videos and photos on the Internet are edited to show unrealistic events, people, or places to support the wrong information mentioned along with it. Also, keep checking who else uses the photo and promotes it to encourage wrong happenings and news.
  • Errors – Always look out for mistakes. Typos and several other errors might also lead to miss information. All false news. Official guidance and analyzing the sources of news information on the Internet must be checked.

Journalism stands in a state of considerable flux. News platforms have uncovered innovative journalistic practices, which enable noble forms of communication and more global reach than at any point in human history. However, on the other hand, this information, popularly referred to as the news, is accelerating and affecting how individuals act and interpret daily developments.

Sophisticated disinformation campaigns and false news is quite problematic in democratic systems, and there is a rising debate on how we can address the issue of spreading false information without undermining the benefits of digital news and media. To maintain an open Democratic system, it is very crucial that businesses, governments, and consumers must come together to solve the problems of fake news spreading around the globe like fire.

Weather its live cricket or stunning headlines, get a short news app and be safe from all discrepancies.

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