What are the Top 4 Software You Should Install on Your New Computer


It is necessary to take some time to install some new software on the computer. You may not have any idea what software to install in your computer if this is the first time you purchase a computer. The following is a list of the top 4 computer software you should install.

  1. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes can be used as a standalone antivirus software for your computer. It was originally founded b Kleczynski in 2004. The latest version now allow you to get access to the anti-exploit product without having to a use another software. It can detect rootkits and ransomware that has intruded your computer system. Malwarebytes is a fast and lightweight antivirus software that does not have affect the performance of your computer. It offers one of the best antivirus protection in the market. The free version requires you to manually start the scanning of your computer.

  1. SUMo

SUMo software can help you to keep up to the latest updates for your programs. It automatically scan your computer from time to time to see if your installed programs are up to date. SUMo is ideal for people who don’t want manually updating each of their programs. This can help you to save a lot of time especially if you have a long list of programs to update. The setup is fast and the program can be quickly installed on your computer without any problem. SUMo can search the whole computer or a specific drive/folder. It uses different icons to identify programs that are up to date and programs that are not yet up to date.

  1. Bcvkup 2

Bcvkup 2 is a backup utility with a sleek user interface. With bcvkup 2, you can easily backup your files by copy them over to a destination folder from a source folder. It is very fast and will not compress your files when you copy it to the destination folder. It only takes a few seconds for you to backup a file that is several gigabytes in size to an external hard drive. The log shows what is taking place during the file backup process so that you know whether the file is backup successfully at the destination folder. It usually identify external USB drive as F drive.

  1. Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is a photo editing program designed for beginners to medium level users. The picture editor can perform auto enhancement on your photo to fix the flaws. It offers manual adjustment options to perform correction on the coloration in the photo. You can adjust how much shadows or lighting you want in the photo. Text and watermarks can be added with the built in text editor. With the object removal tool, you can shoot the photo even when it is not in perfect condition.

It can professionally erase away the unwanted object no matter how small or large it is. For example, if you are wearing hat in the photo, you can mark the hat in red and click the start erasing button to remove the hat so that the output photo will not show you wearing a hat. You can use the clone stamp tool to edit the small details that are not erased properly after you click the start erasing button. Ugly background scenes can be replaced with a beautiful background scene with the background changer tool. It can save the photo with a transparent background if you choose PNG format in the export dialog box.

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